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Here are some frequently asked questions that can help with getting you started.

"Getting Started Tips"

  • Choose which therapist you believe would be the best to support you in your problems based on their specialities.​

  • It takes time to build relationship, so give your therapist at least 3 sessions to determine if its a safe and supportive space for you.

  • We offer both virtual and in-person sessions in a comfortable and confidential environment.  Decide which option you would prefer.

  • During your first few session with Restore Wellness Counseling Center, you can expect to set goals, prepare to open up emotionally, and go at your own pace. We will work together to create a personalized plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Before your first session at Restore Wellness Counseling Center, prepare some uninterrupted time to complete your initial consent form and questionnaires.  You will want to be in a mindset where you can answer the questions openly and honestly.  Take some time to review your budget and financially prepare. Additionally, consider what success looks like for you and come ready to open up emotionally. Remember, therapy goes at your pace and you are in control of the process.

Rather than particular techniques, the far greater predictors of positive outcomes are therapeutic relationships, or counselor qualities in therapeutic relationships that capitalize on clients’ internal strengths.

Cochran and Cochran, 2015, p. 7

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