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Couples Therapy

Healing through building intimacy, healthy communication, and mutual connection

Couple with Laptop

Couples Therapy

All couples experience perpetual problems.  The goal of therapy is to allow you to improve your communication, build intimacy and oneness with each other that conflict brings you closer.

 ~ Learn to foster a deeper connection, respect, affection, and closeness in your relationship.

~ Learn to resolve your conflict by developing problem solving skills, including effective resolutions

~ Identify the relationship's strengths and build upon them

~ Deepen intimacy through 5 domains: emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and intellectually

~ Faith Based Counseling available to grow spirituality and have Christ Centered relationship.

Trauma Couples Therapy

We all have a story.  A story before we met our partners and the story that continues after we meet our partner.  This service is for couples who have a history of childhood trauma.  Our trauma background shows up in our most intimate relationships, which of course includes our romantic relationship.  Speciality trauma includes:

~ Sexual Trauma

~ Family Dysfunction

-Childhood Developmental Trauma

Young Couple at Home
Newly Wed Couple

Pre-Marital/Pre-Engagement Counseling

Marriage is a huge step and a lifetime commitment.  Pre-Marital counseling allows you to approach your marriage with intentionality and a clear vision.  

~ Create a mutual vision and shared goals for your marriage.

~ Work through perpetual conflict before entering marriage to a level of understanding and resolutions

~ Discuss all aspects of a healthy marriage including sex, finances, relationship history, family dynamics, etc.

~ Spiritual beliefs can provide a foundation for values and expectations in a marriage.

~Discuss parenting and family ideals if you would like to have children in your marriage.

~ Discuss how to blend your children into creating a healthy smart step family.  This includes co-parenting with biological parents (if applicable).

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