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Rhodena Mesadieu Atkins, LCSW

Rhodena Mesadieu Atkins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice who specializes in working with adolescent girls and adult women that have a history of trauma. She integrates insight-oriented therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Expressive Arts and Mindfulness to facilitate the process of emotional healing from trauma.  Rhodena advocates for the education and awareness of mental health among people of color to connect minorities to culturally appropriate mental health.   She is also a member of the South Palm Beach County Chapter National Coalition of 100 Black Women as 1st Vice President of Programs.

Rhodena is especially passionate to help adolescent girls and adult women overcome a history of sexual trauma. Instead of feeling damaged, she is eager for these women to enhance their true, dignified identity and worth as survivors. Her therapeutic focus is to help her clients reconstruct a positive sense of self, gain safety, and reconnect to build intimacy in a relationship and fulfilled life. 


She incorporates Faith-Based practices upon request. 

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These are the areas I can help you thrive in!


Sexual Trauma

Our sexual trauma therapy is designed to help individuals heal and move forward with positive change. We understand that past experiences can have a lasting effect on your life. Our therapy addresses a range of issues, including childhood trauma, flashbacks, and regulating emotions. We work together to improve your symptoms and help you develop a healthier relationship with your sexuality and self-image.


Racial Identity & Race-Based Stress

As a therapist specializing in issues related to racial identity and race-based stress, I understand how important it is to honor and uplift the cultural experiences of black people. My practice offers a safe and compassionate space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, with a focus on intersectionality and healing the psychological and emotional distress that can arise from these issues. 


Faith-Based Therapy (Christian)

At Restore Wellness Counseling Center, we offer faith-based therapy designed to help you on your journey of healing, growth and self-discovery. We believe in incorporating Christian principles to create a safe space for people seeking emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our therapists use biblically-based approaches to help our clients overcome their struggles.


Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns/Codependency

Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of dysfunctional relationships, struggling to establish healthy boundaries or suffering from codependency? I'm here to offer you personalized support to help you tackle these issues and foster healthy relationships. Through therapy, we'll work together to explore attachment issues, address childhood wounds and help you develop a strong sense of self. My approach is rooted in providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve peace and recovery on your own terms.

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