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“The decision to end a pregnancy can leave lasting emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual effects. Most women are not aware of these effects when the decision is made to end a pregnancy. Years can go by without even thinking that an abortion needs to be processed and healed from. We cover it up because of shame and guilt and we believe God will never forgive us. God can and will forgive you but you must still go through the process of healing to finally be set free from the heavy burden of abortion. Are you ready?”

The group will be a closed group. After the first session is completed, other individuals will not be able to join.  The group will be intimate size in order to allow comfortability, vulnerability, and true healing to occur.

Session 1: How Do I Know Where I Need Healing?

Session 2: The Character of God

Session 3: Relief and Denial

Session 4: Anger

Session 5: The Need to Forgive

Session 6: Depression

Session 7: Forgiven and Set Free

Session 8: Acceptance

Session 9: Memorial-Dedication 

Session 10: Conclusion


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