Parris Brewton

Hey there! What a privilege it is to be a part of the team at Restore Wellness Counseling.  My name is Parris.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has had so much joy in my career working with seniors.  Much of my experience lies within the geriatric population working with patients with multiple medical and mental health complexities.  The wisdom of our older generations is beautiful, invaluable and something we can all learn from, and I cherish the occasion to help them keep their spark alive.  I absolutely welcome the opportunity to work with the support systems and family units of my clients to ensure quality of life from this day forward.

My Passion Work

While I carry a cross-functional background in medical and mental health social work in acute care, home health, crisis-intervention, rehabilitation and long-term care, getting to sit down with clients one-on-one and spending time on what matters most to them, brings the most reward.  Focusing on life skills training, education and peacefully confronting behaviors and feelings while generating new solutions through the clients’ strengths are just a few ways that I help patients and families solve their problems.


I have more recently begun working with children of all ages and love teaching them to use their stories and their resilient little minds to find their strengths, learn healthy coping skills and live a fulfilling and happy life.


I have training in trauma-focused CBT, strengths-based approaches, mindfulness and other therapies.  I find great value in solution-focused therapy and a client-centered approach.  My goal for you is to help you feel confident and have the coping skills, emotional tools, and strength to get through life’s ups and downs.


I am happy to provide flexible scheduling for evenings and weekends.

Often times, our self esteem can be impacted by comparing, self-doubt and shame. Together we can figure out why you are feeling the way you feel and develop a plan to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself.

Unfortunately we can’t protect our children from everything. Sometimes unfortunate situations or events occur. Together we can work with your child to teach them coping skills, build resiliency and ensure safety. 

Aging, life transitions and medical conditions are some factors that contribute to depression in seniors. Supportive psychotherapy and solutions can help with managing your emotions and facing life’s challenges. 

Some common stressors among girls at this age are: body image issues, negative thoughts about self, balancing school and social activities, friendships, relationships etc. Whether your child is experiencing depression or normal “mood swings”, I am here to support your child and teach them the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behavior . 

Working Together

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